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Anal sex: With these instructions, anal works for the first time

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Anal sex for the first time - for many it may seem challenging at first.

The uncertainty is too great. But how does anal sex really feel? And how can you ensure that first anal intercourse is a pleasant, arousing experience for both of you?

There are quite a few myths entwining around anal sex. The anus is an extremely erogenous zone, in both men and women. If you pay attention to a few things, you can discover a whole new world of pleasure: anal sex is intense, extremely intimate and super hot precisely because it involves something dirty and a touch of something forbidden. Our date box Anal Play Intro provides step-by-step instructions for a relaxed, safe and arousing first time!

A few important points in advance:

  1. The anus is full of pleasure-giving nerve endings that make anal sex a very special experience.
  2. Yes, it's the back door and it's always possible that there's something else that you don't really want to have during sex. But first of all, that's normal - and with the right preparations it's usually not an issue. The last part of the intestine before the anus is the rectum. In any case, stool only gets here shortly before emptying. However, you should be aware beforehand that something could go wrong. So no shame at this point - it's human!
  3. Communication is crucial. If you agree on a safe word beforehand, you can cancel at any time if it is too intense for you. You can take the traffic light system, for example. Green stands for: Yes, more! further! Orange for: no more of it - but don't stop either. Red: stop immediately.

Anal Po Frau

This is how the preparation succeeds

Lube is a must

There can't be too much lube in anal sex. Lubricant can be helpful to make anus penetration as painless and smooth as possible.The lubricating gel also prevents painful pulling and tearing of the skin. When you think it's enough, take some more!

Super clean feeling

For a super clean feeling: do an enema beforehand. To do this, you simply take an enema syringe and fill it up with lukewarm water. Apply some lube to your anus and the tip of the enema syringe. Then squeeze the water in, hold it for a moment and let it out on the toilet. Repeat this until you feel clean.

The right diet

The biggest fear with anal sex is usually that something will come along that shouldn't come along. In order for you to be able to fully relax on your date night, it is important that you do not worry about it. Therefore, pay attention to what you eat 1-2 days before your date. Make sure you eat easily digestible things like grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables. They are usually rich in fiber and help the intestines to empty themselves better and more regularly. Avoid spicy food or food that makes you bloated.

Have faith

If you want to try anal sex with your partner, you should have an excellent basis of trust with him/her. You should be able to give yourself completely to your partner, knowing that he or she won't hurt you - and your partner, in turn, should have a high level of empathy and be able to sense what is good for you and what is not.

Instructions for the first time anal sex

Preparations are half the battle for first time anal sex! A relaxed atmosphere creates trust and lets you both relax. This is the basic requirement for a pleasant experience. A nice ambience with candles and/or dimmed lights and pleasant relaxing music helps to further develop relaxation. Towels should be laid out on the bed in advance, it doesn't hurt to have a second small towel ready, and a few wet wipes if you like. Better safe than sorry.

Step by step anal for the first time

Here you can find an excerpt from our date box Anal Play Intro, the step-by-step instructions, including audio to listen to live during the massage - for a relaxed, safe and exciting first time!

Full body massage: Starts with an erotic massage. Everything that arouses and makes you want is allowed and desired: Lots of kissing and caressing. Do the very things that you know will turn your partner on. Then it goes into the stomach position.

Butt massage: Then it's on to a relaxing buttocks massage. Here's a little inspiration on how the giver can go about stimulating the receiver to get started and approaching the anus.

Massage the buttocks with the palms of your hands in circular movements. You can also use your fingers to massage away any tension.


Use fingers to massage perineal area up and down with rolling motions.



During the butt massage, other parts of the body can also be stimulated in between. For example the stomach or the back. With a lot of time and a lot of lube and if you want with the toys provided, you can approach the anus.

Curious about more? Find out in our Date Box Anal Play Intro more about the techniques, preparation and tips for the right mindset that will make your first anal unforgettable.

How does anal sex feel?

For many, anal sex is an unusual situation and some find it strange to feel the first time anal. There are many myths about anal sex- but it shouldn't be painful. The anus is not primarily intended for sex and most people have to get used to anal play first. But after a couple of anal sex sessions it becomes more relaxed. In contrast to the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubricating fluid during arousal. Silicone-based lubricant is therefore a welcome help. It's thicker and doesn't dry out like water-based lubes often do over a short period of time. Anal sex then becomes even more intense because the focus is more on the stimulation than the actual process.

Fancy an anal adventure?
Anal Play Intro Box

A detailed, step-by-step guide for anal sex for the first time can be found in our Date Box Anal Play Intro.

Don`t worry, you will approach very slowly. Your curiosity, your fun and exploring together are in the foreground!


Everything you need to know about the necessary preparations for your first anal adventure awaits you in this date box: One manual for butt massage for relaxation as well as techniques to slowly approach the anus with the right toys. There is also an exclusive compiled playlist, which accompanies your anal play musically as well as audio instructions with which the giver can be guided live through the butt massage. Here you go Date Box Anal Play Intro