5 Gründe für Masturbation voreinander bei OH MY! FANTASY

5 reasons for mutual masturbation

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Mutual masturbation - this is still a new territory for many couples. You have THE opportunity to find out together what really turns you and your partner on when it comes to lend a hand. Take your climax together in the truest sense of the word and create a very special form of intimacy that strengthens the trust in your partnership. Discover which hotspots give you unforgettable feelings and show your partner what you like! In our date box Mutual Masturbation you will find many valuable and proven tips on how masturbating in front of each other becomes an extremely hot and connecting experience.

There are thousands of reasons why every couple should try it - here are our top 5:

1. Mutual masturbating helps to get to know your partner's body better

The longer you've been together, the better you know your (naked) bodies - every mole, every tattoo, every scar, no matter how fine. But have you really taken the time to look at your most intimate zones and understand how they prefer to be aroused? Mutual masturbating is THE opportunity to catch up. Now is your chance to find out together what really gets you and your partner turned on when it comes to getting hands on and discovering new erogenous zones.The sight is not only educational, but also very arousing.

2. Safety first! Masturbation does not pose any risk of contamination

Not only couples can enjoy masturbation in front of each other. Even in an affair, the solo session in private is a good idea. The advantage: You neither need a condom nor do you have to be afraid of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. And you still get to the climax! Perfect right?

3. Body shaping through masturbation

Both partners also benefit from mutual masturbation in terms of body muscles. In women, the pelvic floor muscles are particularly trained, which does not only lead to a better posture, but also to more intense orgasms. For men, the magic word is stability. Regular "hands on" ensures a stronger erection and a higher testosterone level. Another plus: During masturbation, calories are burned and stress is reduced!

4. Watching someone masturbate can save long-distance relationships
5. Mutual Masturbation is just hot

Last but not least: watching your partner touch and arouse himself while the other is watching is just super hot! It stimulates the imagination, creates even more intimacy and trust, gives you new ideas and definitely takes your sex life to a new level. Just try it out - it's worth it!

Unsure how to start?

Approach the adventure of mutual masturbation with the Sexperience Mutual Masturbation. First of all, you will be drawing your personal map of desire - what exactly that means, you will only find out on your date night. Then you will find techniques as inspiration for your own and mutual masturbation with which you can experience common highlights. There are also hot accessories and love toys that will heat up your game properly.