Weiblicher Orgasmus: Diese 8 Typen gibt es!

Female orgasm: There are 8 types!

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Weiblicher Orgasmus
Orgasms are fireworks!

They are the strongest feeling of sexual pleasure and release. The problem? Well, nowhere in the world do nearly enough women enjoy exploding orgasms.

Very little yetis known about the elusive "Big O". The female orgasm is still relatively abstract, and the sexy truth is that orgasms are most likely very subjective. There are as many orgasmic sensations as there are living women. If we can be our own sexologist, we can find out for ourselves what works and what doesn't.

Frau Orgasmus
The key is to be open - both physically and mentally

Are you ready for a blast of pure bliss? Then it's time to think carefully about how you can increase your personal pleasure peak. Here is a list of 8 types of female orgasms. If you're feeling an orgasm in a different part of your body, we encourage you to keep exploring that sweet spot.

#1: Clitoral Orgasm

The pop star of all orgasms. screaming loud in feeling Sharp, explosive and intense.

#2: Pussy entrance orgasm

The mystical. Pulsating like a volcanic eruption. Strong as an elephant. Warm, longing and powerful.

#3: G-spot orgasm

the wet one Full of sparkling fun and a wholesome adventure. Evokes tears of joy and strong emotions. Manifestation of orgasmic energy.

#4: Cervical Orgasm
The transcendental. Mind-altering in its existence. Long, multiple and imploding upwards. 
#5: Anal orgasm
the tender one Challenging but surprisingly fun. Relaxing, detox for shame and super wild.
#6: Nipple Orgasm
the lover Heart opening and blissfully healing. Surrender, receive and love unconditionally.
#7: Throat Orgasm

A border crosser. Joyful throat ecstasy. Trance-like, subtle and superhuman.

#8: Mental orgasm

The overwhelming. Joy without physical stimulation. Deep, subtle and rejuvenating.

Vulva Orgasmus

A good orgasm doesn't always mean good sex

The thing is, just because you achieved an orgasm doesn't mean the sex was incredibly good. There's a whole list of ingredients that make up the recipe for mind-blowing sex. While the 8 Types of Female Orgasms help you experience a variety of orgasms, always remember that good sex is dynamic. It involves connecting to your spirit as well as your physical self.

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