Slow World, Slow Sex (2) – Entschleunigung im Geiste

Slow World, Slow Sex (2) - deceleration in spirit

Isabel and Tom write about their open relationship on their blog offenerzweier. In a sex experiment, they have themOH MY! FANTASY Box Slow Sextested! They describe here very personally, intimately and openly how they experienced the couple fantasy slow sex. The following text is written from Tom's perspective, you can find Isabel's texthere.

Slow Sex Erfahrung Tom

"Slow" says a lot! The word stands in contrast to so many other things in the everyday life of many people. Work, family or friends - people's time is often very busy. Organization is everything so that you don't lose track and get the things that are important done.With so many topics that concern you, there is often not much time to pause and deal with yourself or with your partner- gstop in peace.

Slow Sex, what does that actually mean? With all the stress that we encounter in everyday life, many couples probably try to "shift" their sex life somewhere in between. Work, children and other commitments - there is little time to be there for yourself and your partner.Often you can just slip in a "quickie" and then it's "on we go!"It should be about meeting each other consciously and stopping time again.

I manage to meditate regularly. It's a date with myself.It's time I give myself. Time when it's all about me and when I only deal with myself.I don't think slow sex is that far removed from meditation.In essence, it is also about consciously taking time for lovemaking as a couple, meeting each other without distractions. The keyword here is "mindfulness"! Anything that could cause distraction must be shut down - cell phones, televisions, computers, etc.

If I want to meditate, I create an appropriate environment for it.The cell phone switches to "silent mode". I close the windows and the room door so that it is as quiet as possible. If necessary, I try to darken the room a little and I light my meditation candle. In my opinion, exactly such preparations can also be used for be helpful in slow sex with a partner, creating an environment where there is mostly calm and you can fully concentrate on your own body and that of your partner.

From my point of view, it's about enjoying the moment and concentrating fully on it. Sometimes I don't find it that easy, because the challenge for me is the same as meditating.It's about getting all those distracting thoughts out of your head and really surrendering completely to the moment. Personally, I need to be able to immerse myself in a moment. Little things can distract me from what's happening, even if it's cold feet. In general, the room temperature should be right during slow sex.

You too,Isabeland I often find it anything but easy for us to consciously take time for each other. I think many couples with young children know what I mean.You often use the time quickly when the little ones are sleeping or are deeply occupied with something.We used this time the other day at noon when our little one was with your parents. We also defied the fact that we're both actually "morning people". You and I both like morning sex, but now we're taking the opportunity to meet quietly and enjoy a sensual lunch break together.

There is also a background to this. You recently started writing erotic fantasies for a startup.You just offered to try out a box and write down your/our experiences in terms of slow sex. Accessories are also included: a "nipple play gel" which you apply to the nipples using a roll-on, as well as a massage gel.

I'll get you out of the shower and we kiss for ages in our bright living room.We caress each other on the large sofa bed. We explore our bodies with our hands. First you use the nipple gel on me. In my opinion, the gel itself isn't as stimulating as this slightly cool roll-on that you circulate over the nipple. We also use the massage gel. It smells of coconut and stimulates the senses.

We caress each other, spoil each other with our mouths. We try to take our time and really take it slow. Personally, I am an absolute movement person. I like to let off steam and that also during sex. Slow movements actually go against my nature, but I pull myself together.It's not that easy when you really want to attack the other person passionately.

I am above you, we enjoy the very intense physical closeness to each other. But I don't penetrate you yet, only our bodies rub against each other. We exchange intense kisses and our hands seem to be constantly on the move.We're always on the verge of fully merging with each other, but we keep delaying and playing with it. For my part, I forget everything around me, I enjoy your kisses, your hands and your hot lap. I can feel myself penetrating you a little at first, and then little by little. We don't move that much. We enjoy feeling. It feels intense. I'm slowly starting to move a little inside you. I keep stopping and pausing. Now slow sex and faster movements alternate...

We're both very passionate people. We like to feel the fire of the other. I don't think we're so much the type to stroke each other with a feather "for hours" until one or both of us can't take it anymore. We don't have the discipline to do that. So the question remains,what is slow sex?For me it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the fact that all movements are deliberate.The main thing is that you consciously take time for togetherness, for sex.Both should switch off their heads, shut out everyday life and consciously perceive themselves again.

It doesn't really matter how much time you take. The important thing is that you can enjoy the moment together.Not just "sex and go"!

As our lovemaking speeds up and slows down, I start to watch you closely. We look deep into each other's eyes and I can see your lust in them. My hands run over your soft skin. She feels incredibly good. It electrifies me and your touch drives me crazy. You keep playing minenipples, which excites me more and more. I keep kissing you and nibbling on your nipples. I can feel how aroused you are and I run my lips down your neck.I enjoy that wonderful smell of you. After a while, my movements become faster and faster without being able to control it any further.I enjoy the feeling of being inside you. You feel so incredibly good. Our game between fast and slow comes to an end as our lust erupts, but we don't stop touching, enjoying and perceiving ourselves.

Would you like to discover the Slow Sex?Right this way!

More texts from Isabel and Tom on theirsWebseite or onInstagram.

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