Sexleben auffrischen – 7 Ideen für heiße Liebesnächte

Refresh sex life - 7 ideas for hot love nights

In long-term partnerships, different ideas are often needed to freshen up sex life. Some ideas can be implemented very quickly and others have a longer implementation phase, but these ideas will improve your sex life in the long term. You get 7 hot ideas for sparkling love nights.

  1. rekindle curiosity

The most important quality to refresh your sex life is to be curious again. Curious about the sex between you as a couple and curious about yourself and your sexuality.

You can observe your partner with a look full of curiosity. People change from day to day. Just like thatsexuality changesagain and again. Your partner may react differently to your touch than at the beginning of the relationship. Perhaps you will discover new aspects of your partner's sexuality that you have not noticed before. If you remain curious about how your partner behaves in sexuality, you candiscover something new about him*herand come up with new ideas.

You can also become curious about yourself and your sexuality again. You can ask yourself the following questions: How do you behave during shared sexuality. How does your body react to touch? Do you move in sexuality? how is your breathing What feelings does the touch of your partner trigger in you?

You can try out what changes when you change your tension in your body, change your breathing or try to move more in your sexuality. Small changes can produce large differences in perception.

Liebesleben auffrischen

  1. Introduce something new into sexuality

When you bring something new to sexuality, curiosity is often reawakened. Be it a new sex position, a new place or a new sex toy. If you, alone or in pairs, find out what new things you can bring to sexuality, do itconversationa lot of desire for sex about it.

For example, you can look at the variousDate-boxingwatch together and talk about which box appeals to you and why. The date boxes also give you the opportunity to read up on a new sexual topic and have the most important items ready. Perhaps you have been toying with the idea of trying out tantra for a long time. In theTantra Boxyou will find all the instructions and utensils for a successful yoni and lingam massage.

  1. Integrate eroticism into life

In order to refresh your love life together, it is essential that you rekindle your desire for sexuality. In everyday life we often have little to do with eroticism and sexuality. That's why you should consciously make sure that you don't forget your sexuality in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Occasionallyhot newsbetween the partner can increase the joy of seeing you again. Eroticism can also be integrated into life by reading erotic books,erotic storieslistens or watches erotic films. Watching a film like the classic 50 Shades of Gray together with your partner is a great way to discuss the film afterwards and come up with new ideas.

It can also be very beneficial for eroticism if you are more in everyday lifebreaksbegrudges. Because many people have so much to do in everyday life that they lack the energy for sex. If you want to refresh your sex life, you need an everyday life in which sex also finds space.

 Pause gönnen

  1. Sex date evenings

Sex date evenings are recommended to make room in everyday life for sexuality. You can choose a night where being your couple comes first. Many people think that sex has to be spontaneous. Spontaneous sex may be very nice and sometimes successful, but it is often the case that at the end of the day there is no time or energy left for sex.

That's why it's recommendedConsciously taking time for sex. If that's too stressful for you and you feel pressured to have sex that night, it's a good idea to keep the night open. Going on a date where the focus is on you as a couple. In which there are no talks about the jam, the children or the household. But a date, like at the beginning of your partnership.

Another advantage of the sex date evening is that you can look forward to the date beforehand. You can prepare yourself and think about what you want to do with your sweetheart or which onessexy underwearyou want to wear.

  1. Solo-Sex

With solo sex, you can pay attention to how it feels when you caress, touch, or massage yourself. You can involve the whole body and explore your intimate areas if you feel like it.

Everyone practices solo sex differently, the focus is on having fun and being curious about yourself. Do what gives you pleasure and fun and take your time to rediscover yourself. This allows you to discover something new about yourself and your sexuality and to bring it into the couple's sexuality. If you want to refresh your sex life, you can also have each other as a coupleWatching Solo Sex. This can be arousing and exciting as your partner touches themselves.

 Solo Sex - Sexleben auffrischen

  1. Reconnect with the body

In our society we are very busy in our heads. When it comes to sexuality, however, it is of great advantage if you feel your body well. Doing a body scan or body meditation will help you become more aware of your body. You can also take a bath and feel how the water feels on your skin.

So that you can better reconnect with your body in the long term, it is advisable to keep taking short ones in everyday lifetrace breaksclose. You can pause, breathe deeply and feel your body.

If you consciously feel and touch your vulva and vagina in your everyday life, you promote yoursConnection to your vulva and vagina. With a better connection to your genitals, you can bring more joy, lust, and sensuality into your sexuality. Nothing boosts your sex life more than having more fun, excitement, lust and pleasure during sex.

  1. boredom

Yes, you read that right, to refresh your sex life, boredom is recommended. It's important that you get bored together, without distractions. Cell phones and televisions keep us busy. However, if all the distractions go away and you consciously devote yourself to your partner, you will definitely come up with things to do together. It is essential to take your time and clear away all distractions.

It is best to get to the as soon as possibleimplementation to go to freshen up your sex life. Be active and dare about yoursFantasiento talk and to bring something new into the common sexuality.


If you want to refresh your sex life, these areDate boxesperfect to bring new momentum into your sex life.

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