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Sex by calendar entry - a field report

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My husband and I went through this phase too. Our daughter was just about oneyear old and I was newly pregnant with our second baby.
We realized at the beginning of the second trimester that the last time we had sex,that was the time we conceived our baby. Wait what?!

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Yes, exactly. So we didn't have sex for several months. At one point we were like thatfrustrated, we knew we had to change something. We knew this sexuAny frustration hurts our relationship. Not just as a couple, theFrustsloshedalso in our family life.
If you have known each other as a couple for a long time or already have children together,it often happens that thesexual attraction (somewhat) wanes. it's not like thatthat you don't love each other. Usually, you love each other even more than at the beginning.

But the tingling is gone. You know each other inside and out. The touch processesare almost mechanical. Automated and unbeatable when it comes to boredom.

Oftentimes, masturbation is more fun. We know what we mislandgene and withtwo three steps we come toOrgasmus. Easy peasy! That's totally awesomeislandn andvaluable. Wick it doesn't really help the couple's relationship if everyone liberates themselvesand no one addresses the uncomfortable subject.
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What helps in such a situation?

We picked up the idea somewhere that you could put sex on the calendar andthen has so-called sex dates. At first it was a weird idea, we were like thatcurious (and a bit desperate) that we wanted to give it a try anyway! II was a bit skeptical because I thought it would take away all the spontaneity.My husband said that we don't manage to have spontaneous sex regularly,and the sex dates might be a good way aroundspontaneity in a festh frameto put. I quite liked the idea.
So we scheduled a sex date once a week for a month. Thefirst time was weirder than ever.It ffelt like we were total beginners andwouldn't know what we were doing (haha we probably didn't know anymore either). At thesecond time we were a little more relaxed - the other two times were betterreits - well, let's call it at a high level.

So we had our first sex dates a bit awkwardly and then came to a conclusion:it really wasn't that bad. We realized how the lust came just as wellif we adapt to it. We knew what to expect and were able to come in advanceammunition, what we wanted to try and that took a concentrated loadpressure from our shoulders. We could really get involved, tune in,to try something new, surprise the other.
Getting back into physical connection with my husband led to thatwe got closer again and evenislandhad sex outside of our sex dates.That was a successful side effect of the sex dates.

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So how can you imagine such a sex date and what should you pay attention tothis?
  • Step one: Find an appointmentor multiple dates that suit you both andwhere both of you can be completely undisturbed for 30 or 60 or even 90 minutescan. If you have kids, 30 minutes might be more realistic :-). There are couples whostart with one regular sex date per week and then increase. You canrelax and see what suits you best.
  • Step two: Communicate openly!This is such an important point and I can do itdon't mention it often enough. Talk to each other about the experiment and see whatsuitable for both of you.Maybe you need shorter dates first where you can just have each otherkissesto overto establish a connection again at all or you would like to join90 minutes of oral sex einsteigen - UP TO YOU!
  • Step three: Let yourself go and drift. Maybe you'll get more creativeduring your sex dates and you deliberately plan toy times and discover so mucheasily new preferences. Always stay open and in exchange with each other.
  • Step four: Give yourself a one-month trial period(so to speak one30-Day Challenge, if it motivates you) and see how you like it and how it works for youfits. If it fits you can continue. Otherwise you can change at any timemake changes and adjustments.

  • Step five: observed,how your relationship as a couple changes as a result of the experimentdert.How is your intimacy changing? are you getting closer Do you feel like pair-Sex rediscovered? How does regular sex affect your everyday life?
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It is important that you feel comfortable and involved at all times throughout the processyour partner in exchange. It can be a wonderful asset ifyou get closer again in a structured way and theDesire for a partnerrediscoveredand let it flare up. In any case, it worked very well for usand thanks to this experiment we talked a lot about sex.
For us this one isProcess like a kind of emergency plan. When we realize that we have sex in ourNeglecting the relationship again then we go back to the processand fix clear sex dates. Usually after one or two sex dates everything settles down againone and we have regular sex.
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