Ja! Nein! Vielleicht? Diese Liste braucht jede Beziehung!

Yes! No! Perhaps? This list needs every relationship!

A question that many people ask very often revolves around "how do I get my partner to (insert sexual practice here)". To be clear upfront, the fact of the matter is that you're not going to get your partner to do anything to do - so let's get that straight out of the way, but you can communicate with your partner to show why you desire a particular sexual practice.

Here they comeYes/No/Maybe listsin the game.

This is a list that gives you a list of different sex ideas for you and your partner to fill out. Basically, this is pretty self-explanatory - but let's go through it in detail.

If you're definitely interested in something and know it, like talking dirty, tick yes. You don't like it at all? Then check "No". If you're curious or think you know your partner might like to do it but they don't feel comfortable telling you, tick "Maybe." Seems easy, right?

What if it's a "YES"?

It's one of the best ways ever to find out with your partner what you both like in bed in a very simple way. A real bonus. Maybe you've never overBondage thought about it or that your partner would be interested, but seeing it on a list intrigued you. What you both answer "YES" might surprise you, and you could use that to spice up your sex life.

What if it's a "NO"?

If it's a no, it's a no. But don't just leave it at that. If something is a no to your partner but a yes to you, talk to them about it. Have them explain why it's an absolute no so you can at least understand where the other is coming from. You probably won't change his mind, but such a discussion opens up an exchange about what are definite no-gos and why.

What if it's a "MAYBE"?

The actual discussion and listening comes into play with the sex ideas, which both have ticked with maybe. If something is a "maybe," talk about what makes you curious and a little uncomfortable. If you say it all and put it all on the table, you might be able to turn some of those "maybes" into a "yes."

Give it a try! Such a list can help you on your way to more open communication about your desires with your partner.

Ja! Nein! Vielleicht?

Our freeGuide helps you to find out which sexperiences you want to try out with each other. Have fun discovering each other!


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