Ideen für den Valentinstag als Paar im Lockdown

Valentine\'s Day ideas for a couple in lockdown

Every year the big question: what to do together as a couple on Valentine's Day? This year Valentine's Day will be in lockdown. Staying inside is the new going out!Visits to restaurants, to the gym together or to the cinema are not possible at the moment, so creativity is required.This situation is difficult for all of us and tugs on our nerves. DSo that your relationship doesn't suffer unnecessarily under all the extra burden, we have some ideas, inspiration and gift ideas for you to make your Valentine's Day in lockdown exciting!

#1: Brunch in bed

Sleep in and relax in bed together. A few savory and sweet treats, delicious fruit and a glass of sparkling wine ensure the perfect start to your Valentine's Day.

#2: Host a private concert

Do you miss concerts? Then organize your own private concert! Exclusivity guaranteed: Find your favorite music and meet up to listen to music. You can dance wildly through the apartment or your house and briefly forget that you are actually only in your apartment...

#3: Cook for each other

Eating out is so 2019! On Valentine's Day, unpack your best cooking skills and cook for each other: Either you cook a meal together or you cook him and he your absolute favorite meal. The main thing is that you have fun together in the kitchen! And as the saying goes: love goes through the stomach...

#4: Relaxing at the home spa

How about a relaxing wellness day for both of you? The wellness temples are closed, but your home spa is open 24/7! Treat yourself to a break together at one wellness date. Massage each other or get into the bathtub together. So you can relax wonderfully and say goodbye to tension.

#5: Tango intimately

No dance is as romantic, intimate and rousing as a tango - time to learn it. Why not right on Valentine's Day? There are many YouTube videos with simple step-by-step instructions that you can follow from the living room!

#6: Bring van life into the living room

Bring the #vanlife to your home and just set up your tent in the living room! Best equipped with as many pillows and blankets as you can find. Romantic fun (for the whole family) and a great place to unwind.

#7: Write a bucket list

Make a list of things you want to experience or achieve together - it's fun and helps to organize your thoughts. Paint your future in the brightest colors and see the world through rose-colored glasses! A hot air balloon trip, meeting a star in person, exploring the Arctic, or would you prefer sex in the Mile High Club high above the clouds?

#8: Puzzle together

To all lovers of small puzzles: Nothing is quite as relaxing as completing a big puzzle - and it's so much fun together. Alternatively, you can too solve crossword puzzles, sudokus together or play a game of chess.

#9: Have your own Full Moon Party

A full moon party in Thailand is unfortunately not possible at the moment, but nothing speaks against your own full moon party in the warm living room! A creative date during lockdown. Get body paints, a UV lamp and then let your creativity run free! This also works particularly well with the Date BoxBody Painting.

#10: Text each other sexy messages

Distribute 10 sweet/naughty/funny notes in the apartment or each in one room, for example. Whoever finds them all first is the winner and gets a massage, their favorite food or something similar.

Valentine's Day gifts

After the right date inspiration, the right gifts for Valentine's Day are now missing. With theOH MY! FANTASY Sexperiencesthe common day of lovers becomes even more exciting. They are varied and stimulatingerotic valentines day giftsfor intensive togetherness.

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