Für mehr Sex: Diese Bettwäsche-Farbe sorgt für mehr Lust

For more sex: This bed linen color ensures more desire

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Now it's a certainty: Your bed linen has an impact on your sex life. Hot nights or mood killers: Find out here which color and which fabric your bed linen should have according to a study!

Lila Bettwäsche

That colors, textures and smells have an impact on our minds is nothing new.Green promotes concentration, blue has a calming effect: it is no longer a secret that the colors have a special effect on the psyche.But did you know that both the color and fabric of your bedding have a direct impact on your libido?

Study proves: This bed linen color brings more sex

British researchers asked 2,000 people about both their bedding and their sex frequency. After that, according to the study clear correlation between bedding and sex frequency read off. thesurprisingresultsare here at a glance:

Gray is a pleasure killer

Neutrale Bettwäsche

According to the study, plain linens and neutral tones do not have a good chance of having passionate sex. Thenneutral tones performed worst at 1.8 times having sex per week. But you could also almost think - they are the opposite of fiery passion and hot lust.


Red & sky blue increase passion

Bettwäsche rot

WithredBedding comes with passion, one would think! But alsothat sexy coloristnot the frontrunner of the study. Namely, couples with red sheets had sex 3.2 times per week.

Right after that comesSky bluehaving sex an average of 3.1 times. For even more fun in bed, get our free one nowYes! No! Perhaps? Guideand find out what you want to try next in bed!

But which color is the absolute sex booster?

Purple for libido

Lila Bettwäsche

From lilac to plum:All nuances of purple are the absolute sex booster among bed linen colors. couple with lilac-colored bedding wore it an average of 3.5 times per week. The color is therefore the number one sex booster, because in no other bed linen did the study participants sleep together more often.

It's not just the colour, but also the feeling that counts...

Not only the color of the bed linen is important, but also the fabric. Because the bed linen can still be so pretty purple, if the fabric is uncomfortable, nothing will definitely walk.

According to the study, the fabric of choice is fine silk: pairs with Silk sheets had sex with each other 4.25 times per week. No other substance comes close to this number. Cotton, polyester, or nylon sheets fared significantly worse, at 2.72 and 2.3 times, respectively. So it's worth investing in bed linen in the future ;)

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